asked questions
asked questions
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How to play

What is the aim of the game?

Match your way through unique, colourful levels of puzzle action to rescue and collect a menagerie of supercute Moshlings!

Who is the game for?

You can connect with friends and family in this game via Facebook and it is designed for those over 13 years old.

How much does it cost to play?

It is a ‘Free to Play’ game, but you have the option to spend real money for extra content. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device's settings. Find instructions on how to do so, here.

How do I play?

Mix and match gummies in combinations of three or more to win points and unlock rewards as you progress! Place three or more gummies of the same colour next to each other and they will burst to award points.

How do I complete a level?

There are many different types of level in Moshling Rescue, each with its own unique goal. See Levels for how to complete each different type.

What are Moshlings?

Moshlings are super cute critters, that need you to rescue them from the gummy eruption.

What are Jellybeans and how can I get some?

Jellybeans are Moshling Rescue's social currency and can be used to buy special boosts and lives. You can request Jellybeans from your Facebook friends, buy them with diamonds, win them on treasure levels or earn them by completing Moshling sets.

What are Diamonds and how can I get some?

Diamonds are Moshling Rescue's premium currency. They can be used to buy more Jellybeans or boosts to help you complete a level and can be bought with real money.

What are Boats and how do I unlock them?

Boats take you to new islands where you can play more levels, and rescue more Moshlings. Some boats need to be unlocked before they can be used.

Boats can be unlocked by using either: Stars, Keys or Diamonds. Each level you play you can earn stars, once you have enough total stars, you can unlock the boat. Or, if you want to skip collecting stars, you can ask friends to send you keys to unlock the boat. Finally, you can opt to unlock the next island with a bunch of diamonds. You're free to use any method you like for all boats!

What are Bonus paths and are they worth exploring?

Yes! Bonus paths are definitely worth exploring. They enable you to get your hands on the rare Moshlings and more stars; these are bound to come in useful when you reach a Star Gate!

What happens if I run out of lives?

Don't worry if you run out of lives, as they'll always recharge after a short while. If you don't want to wait, you can spend Jellybeans to fill up your lives instantly.

Why do I only have five lives, when my friends have sent me extra?

The maximum number of lives you can have at any time is always five.


Moshling Rescue has many unique colourful levels of puzzle action!

What happens if I fail a level?

You can fail a level if you run out of moves, get covered in sludge, or captured by a Glump. You can either spend your diamonds to continue the level, or lose a life and retry the level again.

I never want Moshling Rescue to end, so when will you be adding new levels?

We have loads of exciting new levels in the works, so keep an eye on our Facebook Fan page and Twitter account for all the latest updates!

What are the different level types?

Rescue levels

Rescue Levels

Rescue the trapped Moshling by getting it home along the path! A specific gummy colour is assigned before play begins. Match gummies of that colour and each successful match will move the Moshling one spot along the path home!

Dig levels

Dig Levels

The Moshling is stuck in the mud! Dig your way through the gummies, matching 3 or more of the same colour. Make a match next to the trapped Moshling to rescue it.

Clear levels

Clear Levels

Clear away Gloop by making a match directly over the Gloop you need to clear.

Treasure levels

Treasure Levels

This is when the challenge really starts! The aim of these levels is to match three treasure chests. You'll be rewarded with a heap of Jellybeans for your work!


Top Tip: See sacks or crates? Match three sacks together to make one crate. Match three crates to get one treasure chest. Match three treasure chests to win!

Drop levels

Drop Levels

Your Moshling is stuck at the top of the gummies! Make matches below them so that they drop down to the bottom of the screen.

Top tip: In later levels you'll sometimes find eggs blocking your way! You'll need to remove these eggs by dropping them to the bottom first, then the Moshling will appear.

Boss levels

Boss Levels

Before play begins you are given a specific colour gummy and the number of these gummies that you need to clear. But you're not alone! The pesky Boss will do everything he can to distract you and throw you off course. Stay focused to defeat him!


Moshling Rescue has a heap of different boosts you can use to help you on the trickier levels, these are purchased with Diamonds. When you work your way through the tutorials you'll be given free Diamonds to purchase certain boosts and try them out.

You can own more than one of each boost and the number of each one you have is shown in the corner of the boost icon.

Top Tip: Boosts that you can buy before the level starts often provide the best value!

How do I activate boosts?

Some boosts are activated on the screen just before playing a level, while others can be activated during game play by tapping the boost you want in the top left corner of the screen.

Do I have to buy boosts to complete a level?

No! It's possible to complete any level in the game without a boost.

What are the different boosts types?


3 Extra Moves Boost

Gain three extra lives with this boost. Particularly helpful on trickier levels!

Purchase before you start the level.


Rainbow Gummy Boost

Start the level with a bonus Rainbow Gummy!

Swap the Rainbow Gummy with any other gummy and all the gummies of that colour will be destroyed.

Purchase before you start the level.


Shield Boost

This boost is used on the Boss levels. It will deflect the Boss's moves for three turns.

Purchase during game play.


Smash Boost

Tap any part of the playing field with this boost to destroy that area.

Purchase during game play.


Teleport Boost

Swap any two gummies on the board.

Purchase during game play


Shuffle Boost

Feeling stuck for moves? This boost will shuffle the whole playing field

Purchase during game play.


Bernie's Air Drop Boost

Disable the sludge generator or the Glump door for three turns.

Purchase during game play.


Along the way you'll find many different blockers that will try to throw you off your game. Check here for a quick reminder of how each of them work.

What are the different Blocker types?



Rocks will block your path. The number of dots on them tells you their strength. To remove a rock, match the gummies next to it. If it has 2 dots, you'll need to match 2 sets of adjacent gummies to clear it or use the Smash Boost.

Locked Gummies

Locked Gummies

These gummies are trapped in a metal cage. You need to make a match with gummies of the same colour as the one in the cage to free the locked gummy.

Frozen Gummies

Frozen Gummies

Make a match next to a Frozen Gummy and watch the ice melt.



Sludge blocks like a rock, but if you fail to remove it, it spreads and grows! Match gummies next to it to remove or use the Smash Boost.

Sludge Generator

Sludge Generator

These generate a new piece of sludge with each turn. The only way to stop them is with Burnie's Air Drop boost!



With each turn, Glumps will move one space closer to the Moshling! Destroy the Glump by making a match with it and gummies of the same colour. If a Glump reaches the Moshling before you can rescue it, it’s game over!

Glump Spawner

Glump Spawner

Glump Spawners can open to release Glumps at any point in the game! The only way to stop them is with Burnie's Air Drop boost.



Portals can be really tricky to get the hang of! If a gummy falls into one, it will reappear from a portal of the same number, at another location on the board. Keep an eye out, because Glumps can also travel through portals!



Boulders are similar to rocks. Unlike rocks, however, they can fall alongside the gummies. They can also be swapped with gummies! Make a match next to them to clear them from the field.

Tech questions

Which devices are currently supported?

Apple devices

Moshling Rescue supports iOS versions 6 or higher on the following models:

  • Phones: iPhone 4,4S,5,5c and 5S
  • Tablets: iPad 2, 3 and 4. iPad Mini and iPad Air
  • iPod Touch 5th generation

Android devices - coming soon

  • Phones: S2, S3, S4, S3 Mini, Note 2
  • Tablets: Tab 7, Tab 10, Nexus 7, Note 10

Why can't I play Moshling Rescue on my mobile device?

Unfortunately Moshling Rescue is not available for all mobile devices. However, you can still join in the adventure and play on Facebook.

What do I do when the game freezes?

iOS and Android

Close all other Apps you have running on the device. If the game is still stuck then restart your device.


Close all other tabs and reload your Facebook account.

If I reinstall the App will I lose my progress?

If you have connected Moshling Rescue to your Facebook account, then your level progress, scores, stars and rescued Moshlings will be stored on your Facebook account and not lost.

However if you have not connected to Facebook, your progress will only be saved on the device and will be lost if you delete the App or the phone is restored to factory settings

Why do I have more Diamonds & Jellybeans on one device compare to another?

Your lives, Diamonds & Jellybeans are separate for each device that you play on.

This means that when you buy or collect these items, they stay on that device. This lets you spend your Diamonds & Jellybeans even when you're offline, and also means that if you run out of lives on one device, you can swap over to play on another device while you wait for your lives to recharge!

Your scores, stars, level progress & Moshling collection are synchronized across all of your devices, but you need to be online for this to happen.

How do I switch off the music and sound effects in the game?

Select the cog in the right hand corner of the game screen. You can turn down/switch off the music and or sound effects of the game by sliding the speaker and music symbols across.

I'm having problems completing a level?

Some levels can be very tricky and may take a few weeks to conquer, don't give up! Just think of that satisfaction you'll feel when you complete it! There are tons of places you can get support, just check out our Facebook fan page, Twitter account and Forum.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to play Moshling Rescue?

Nope! As long as you have a compatible iOS or Android device you can play the whole of Moshling Rescue without connecting to Facebook.

How do I connect to Facebook?

  • Select the cog in the top right hand corner of the game screen, you can then select ‘connect to Facebook’
  • After you complete a level, you'll be prompted to share your achievement with friends on Facebook. Go on, we know you'll wanna show off the completion of those trickier levels!
  • When you run out of Jellybeans you can send requests to your Facebook friends for more!

What benefits do I get from connecting to Facebook?

Everything's better when it's shared with friends! You'll be able to view the progress of all your friends that are playing Moshling Rescue and compete against them to make sure you're top of the leaderboard for each level! Friends can also give you more Jellybeans, lives and help you unlock social gates.

If I connect to Facebook will you post things to my wall automatically and spam my friends?

We will never send requests or messages to your friends without your permission. However, when you connect to Facebook with Moshling Rescue you automatically join Facebook Open Graph. Open Graph is a social graph that generates events/action when you complete certain actions within the game. These can be visible on your Timeline, and in some cases will show up in your Newsfeed.

How do I log out of Facebook?

Select the cog in the right hand corner of the screen and click on ‘logout’.

What are your Terms of Service?

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Still Stuck?

If you're still struggling to find an answer to your questions, chat with other fans over at the Moshling Rescue Forum,befriend us on our social networks or find out how to contact our super friendly Customer Care team here.